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As Natalie and Stephron drove to the hospital, they felt the nervous excitement that most parents-to-be experience. But soon, fear took over. After their son Camrin (pictured right) was born, doctors diagnosed him with an underdeveloped cerebellum, which causes delays in motor skill development. “I didn’t know what to expect,” said Natalie. “It was so scary.”

Any Baby Can maintains close partnerships with area hospitals, so parents like Natalie and Stephron learn about ABC services by the time they leave to take their newborn home. Given Camrin’s condition, he was referred to the agency’s Early Childhood Intervention Program, which serves children with developmental delays.

Once home from the hospital, Any Baby Can physical therapist, Lauretta, began working with the family. “Treating children in the home empowers families to make long term changes because they have the tools they need to work with their baby,” says Lauretta. During sessions, Lauretta not only provides Camrin with therapy but teaches Natalie and Stephron techniques to practice throughout the week, so progress continues between visits. Natalie says she looks forward to the time together and, because of Any Baby Can, feels much more confident in helping Camrin. “The therapy helped me understand that the more I work with him, the stronger he becomes.” Natalie’s fear has subsided as well. “When Lauretta explained the possibilities for Camrin, I was overwhelmed with joy. Camrin has a great future ahead of him.”

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